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Health & wellness and on-the-go are emerging trends in the beverage category.

With the health & wellness trend taking the FMCG industry by storm, shoppers are looking for healthier and more natural choices when shopping for beverages. Drinks that contain less sugar, are free from artificial sweeteners and made with organic ingredients are just some of the emerging trends forcing retailers to re-think their beverage selection.

Changes in shopper behaviour, particularly in younger time-poor shoppers, has led to an increase in out-of-home consumption e.g. on the commute to work, at the gym and in social contexts. The beverage market is seeing significant growth of convenient and nutritious on-the-go drinks that match shoppers’ busy lifestyles. Savvy suppliers are designing and developing new products and packaging to suit a mix of consumption occasions and shopper profiles, such as targeting smoothies towards a younger female demographic.

Furthermore, concerns with sustainability have forced companies to investigating alternatives to their standard plastic packaging as environmentally-conscious shoppers are on the rise.

Shoppers are looking for inspiration

Research shows that the majority of shoppers tend to browse the shelf rather than make a pre-defined choice when shopping for alcoholic beverages. Therefore, guiding and inspiring shoppers is key in a bricks-and-mortar environment and brands within this segment tend to focus heavily on creating an enticing in-store experience using lighting, colours, highlighters and even digital screens containing recipe guides.

Recommended solutions for the beverage category


  • Automated-front facing ensures up to 39% less time required for shelf merchandising
  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Suitable for a variety of packaging formats and sizes

Rotating shelf

  • Automated front-facing for more efficient shelf management
  • Faster refilling with ‘first-in-first-out’ principle
  • Flexible set-up allows for various can/bottle height


  • Simplified refilling and front-facing ensures up to 36% less time required for shelf merchandising
  • Lowers risk of over-stocking and broken bottles
  • Keeps products aligned

Shelf dividers

  • Ensures perfect product presentation
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Ambient- and cooler-friendly

Shelf light

  • Creates disruption on shelf
  • Environmentally-friendly and cost-effective
  • Easy to use and install plug & play solution

Digital screens

  • Engage shoppers with interactive communication
  • Guide shoppers to find the right product for their needs
  • Inspire shoppers with social media content

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