New business opportunities with bulk products

Bulk merchandising offers perfect visibility of the products: one of the best way to develop impulse buying.

This is why the most popular category from the grocery sector is candies with sales increases of on average +30%. There are as many business opportunities in your store as the number of locations for a bulk offer – a huge potential for grocery and pet food.

Displaying products in HL Displays 3eBin™ not only enhance and differentiate the store image, it also decreases packaging costs and helps in saving the planet. Our range is BPA free as a standard to preserve quality of products displayed.

  • Increase sales per sqm!
  • Better gross margins!
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Increased impulse buying
  • FiFo guaranteed
  • BPA free
  • Easy to install

Many categories are bulk best-sellers

Products such as tea, coffee, confectionery, organic food, rice, pasta, grains, cereals, nuts, dried fruits and pet food, are all popular bulk buy purchases.