Attract shopper attention with a bulk display!

Bulk merchandising shop-in-shop solutions are an excellent way to build brand awareness.

Differentiating from regular shelving will attract shoppers to your bulk display from afar. Making use of this packaging-free way of merchandising positions your brand as environmentally friendly – and increases your bottom line by reducing costs for transport and packaging!

Grow your sales with bulk merchandising

Roller Track™ works both with front and back loaded chillers. The front riser can be customized to allow brand and/or segment information.

Scoop or gravity bins – a solution for every need

Our scoop and gravity bins both guarantee first in, first out (FIFO) stock rotation and are made of virtually unbreakable material.

Scoop bins:

  • Integrated scoops appeal to allergic and hygiene-aware shoppers.
  • Ideal for slow-moving products.
  • Low and curved front for an optimal shopping experience.
  • Available with catch tray for easy removal of crumbs and sugar.
  • Available with soft closing lid for a premium feel.

Gravity bins:

  • Hygienic system – consumers can see, but not touch the product unless buying.
  • All models available with false front for enhanced product visibility.
  • Available with agitator for slow-moving products.
  • Standard flow control and ergonomic handle for optimal shopping experience and shrinkage reduction.