Confectionery is the leading impulse purchase category, so boost your sales even further by improving product displays.

Bringing products to the front of the shelf stimulates impulse buying – and nowhere is this more apparent than with confectionery, the number one impulse purchase category. Use our merchandising solutions to present your products in an attractive and effective way to increase sales.

Our cross bar pusher system Next™ compacts the retail space and increases the amount of products that can be merchandised. Because every product is front faced automatically, nothing gets lost at the back of the shelf.

Create new business opportunities with bulk merchandising

The popularity of bulk merchandising in retail has skyrocketed in recent years.

Customers’ ability to choose the exact amount they wish to purchase is one key reason for today’s success of bulk merchandising*. Shoppers’ awareness of environmental issues is also increasing steadily. This makes many of them turn to bulk grocery where less resources are used in both transport and packaging. This in turn means bulk bins are an excellent way of detecting shopper preferences and adapting your offer accordingly. Lower wholesale unit prices also enable higher margins on in-store sales than pre-packed equivalents.

Bulk across categories

Bulk merchandising is a popular solution for many bulk products such as confectionery, nuts, cereal, rice, beans, coffee, tea, pet food, dried fruits and grains. Read more about bulk best sellers.

Scoop or gravity bins – a solution for
every need

We offer two types of bulk merchandising innovations:
Scoop bins and Gravity bins.

Scoop bins:

  • Individual scoops appeal to allergic and hygiene-aware shoppers.
  • Ideal for slow-moving products.
  • Low and curved front for an optimal shopping experience.
  • Available with catch tray for easy removal of crumbs and sugar.
  • Available with shutter to avoid accidental overflowing.

Gravity bins:

  • Hygienic closed system – consumers can see, but not touch the product unless buying.
  • All models available with fake front for enhanced product visibility.
  • Available with agitator for slow-moving products.
  • Standard flow control and ergonomic handle for optimal shopping experience and shrinkage reduction.