Guide the shoppers to your brand

Areas dedicated to self-service of non-prescription drugs or beauty care products need to be consumer oriented to encourage shopping decisions. Shopper education and segmentation is vital.

One concept fits all needs

FlexTray™ is the perfect tool to highlight your range and explain product benefits in a more premium manner. FlexTray™ comprises of tray bases, customized front profiles, dividers, product highlighters combined with communication accessories.

Create visual impact in a limited space

Floor displays are an excellent way to differentiate a brand from its competitors. Floor displays highlight products in a limited space. Flexible, made from plastic, our floor displays are ideal for semi-permanent or permanent merchandising solutions.

How to explode sales? Just Ad’Lite

Accent lighting creates differentiation, catches attention from afar and enhances exclusive offer. Read more about our lighting system Ad’Lite™.