Solutions for Electronics

Guide consumers through the store with clear category and price information.

In our Shelftalkers & Overhead signage ranges you will find everything you need within fixtures and signs to get your message across.

Match the product with specific price and product information. Our complete shelf edge communication system SlimLine™, makes the product offer clearly visible and the price information readable. A flexible and adaptable shelf communication system allows tightly set shelving.

Highlight of the offer in an attractive manner.

Clear segmentation information will help the consumer to find the product they are looking for.

Information directly at the point of sale – Info and Literature holders – from flat-packed easy-to-use solutions for one-time promotions to durable solutions for permanent displays.

Maximise your category sales and simultaneously save in the labour costs.
Less out of stock – Maintaining the planogram will facilitate re-ordering thus reduce out-of-stock.
Labour cost savings – An easy to-use shelf management system reduces the time needed to keep the shelves tidy.
Better store image – Full faced and well organised shelves will create a premium store image and on top increase your sales.

Discover our innovation Next™ which improve your brand visibility and allow products to be merchandised “heads up”.

With our deep range, solve your targets such as:
– Highlight exclusive offers
– Drive additional traffic
– Improve consumer experience
– Increase time spent in store
– Detailed consumer information

Help your consumer find their way around your store!

Store guidance develop customer’s loyalty!

Guiding consumers throughout you shop lay-out by effective overhead signage will increase footfall in general. Enhanced excitement in the categories will consciously or unconsciously go beyond our rational perception and increase the number of actual purchases.

Overhead signage is an easily realized and cost effective in-store activity – when measured against their impact, effect and subsequent sales uplifts.

Modular & organic construction – add-on whenever you want

This multi-faceted system utilizes many common components, and will not only provide retailers with a unique system that solves almost any in-store signage installation, but also minimizes their current reliance on a wide variety of differing stock display equipment.

Why use skyline?

  • Substantially cuts installation and graphic changing time – due to the system’s thoughtfully engineered design solutions
  • Aluminum thin profile to create a hanging structure light but secured.
    Aestheticism and originality, for an impactful display of your message.
  • Easy and quick to use – a minimum of tools or special skills required.
  • Durable and reliable – designed for long lasting and secure installations
  • The system’sMARKET LEADING modular and contemporary design

An extensive number of possible display configurations within one and the same overhead.

Make the offer visible and the price information readable.

Slimline™ has been developed to handle an increasing amount of products and references on a given number of square meters. Slimline™ allows tightly set shelving – without the normal inconveniences of lost hand space for keeping a category or section properly merchandised. The individual label holders simply swing away when touched.

Slimline™ gives a visual improvement of your store with its sleek and attractive design. Your store will look new with the same old shelving space.

Benefits with Slimline™

  • Clear information on the shelf
  • Attractive design
  • Flexible solutions for price, product or campaign information
  • Save space between the shelves
  • Usable for both paper or electronic labels

The ultimate shelf edge communication system