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Highlight your offer and create a selling shopping atmosphere

This is where it all started. 1954 HL Display founder Harry Lundvall took his first order by creating a display stand for plates for a local shop in Sweden. At the time it was a stand made in bent wire with a price pocket he had fabricated using his wife’s iron! Today our production techniques have evolved, but the principle remains the same – creating eye-catching display solutions with clear price and product info.

This segment often need high quality solutions to enhance both the product presentation and explain the offer to the consumer. Our offer contains one of the markets widest ranges of “off the shelf” solutions for counter signage and leaflet dispensers.

And if you need a little bit extra, our multi-material capability is at your service to create a dedicated display solution.

Messages for every occasion

Does your company spend significant sums of money on sales literature? All too often the impact of carefully prepared, well designed advertising materials is ruined by poor presentation. How often have you seen brochures simply stacked in piles, or left lying around to become untidy, tattered and finally thrown away?

Info holders play a key role in delivering product or promotional information directly at the point of sale. The info holders can be stand alone models, mounted on shelves, data-strips or wire baskets. They are manufactured in a variety of materials to suit specific needs.

Information directly at the point of sale – a key role!

Sometimes bigger is better! Consumers are assaulted with information in their everyday shopping life. A tidy display with clear information focuses attention on the message you want to bring across and helps the consumer to identify key features of the product he/she is considering.

Maximise visibility and build brand value