Health & Beauty

Let your brand win in the health & beauty category

Improving shopper guidance, consumer education or product understanding is one of the key to maintain health and beauty’s growth. Upgrading the health and beauty category is a target shared by both retailers and brands. With HL Display’s solutions you can tailor your on-shelf campaign to improve conversion rate and repeat purchases.

Segmentation and branding profiles

Communicate your brand values and product benefits with Brandline™. Select from a collection of shelf liners, highlighters and accessories to create highly effective on-shelf communication and segmentation.

Customized trays to secure brand shelf space

HL shelf tray’s range is one the widest of the industry: select among several tray bases and wall options, several front faces and colours, add accessories such as fragrance tester or dividers and shelf talkers, to design the tray that reinforces your brand visibility. Discover our wide range of classic trays.

Flexible merchandising and advertising platform

Flex Tray™ is the perfect tool to highlight your range and explain product benefits in a more premium manner. The system comprises of tray bases, customized front profiles, dividers, product highlighters combined with communication accessories. Read more about Flex tray™ here.

Accent lighting creates differentiation

Create an appealing shopping atmosphere with our lighting solutions Ad’Lite™.