Supporting our customers on their journey to a more sustainable store

recycled and bio-based plastics play an important role in the journey to a more sustainable store. 

Currently, we offer a range of retail solutions in either partially recycled plastic or bioplastic. With HL Sustainable Choice we want to help you move towards that goal – a more sustainable store.

Sharing wisdom

Why does sustainability matter?

It is becoming evident that a growing number of consumers are concerned about the environment. With this change in attitude has come an increasing expectation that companies employ sustainable practices. According to a global survey, 81 percent of respondents strongly believe that companies should help improve the environment (Nielsen, 2018). As consumers become more environmentally-conscious, there is a significant growth opportunity for retailers and brands. Sustainability has gained momentum and allows companies to find new ways to connect with consumers who are excited about change.

HL Recycled plastic

Recycling is key to reducing waste and moving from a linear to circular society. We have invested in equipment to enable us to recycle our own factory scrap, making sure that as little material as possible is wasted in the production process. In addition, we are sourcing post-consumer recycled material from external suppliers. Availability differs between different types of plastics. Most often recycled material is mixed with virgin material to ensure that our high-quality demands for the end product is met. Increased recycling is an efficient way to decrease the environmental footprint today.

HL Bioplastic

To move to a truly circular economy we need to use materials that come from renewable resources. That means that in the long run we need to avoid fossil-based plastics altogether. Together with KTH – Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, we engaged in a project to identify a bioplastic that can replace the PVC and ABS we currently use: PLA. PLA is a bioplastic made from renewable resources such as corn and sugar cane and it is biodegradable. PLA can also be used for injection moulding. Global production capacities for PLA are predicted to grow by 50 percent in the next five years. This will enable more efficient material production.


Green printing solutions bring you closer to achieving a smaller environmental footprint and greater profitability with every print


Get your large format printing done with 100% Polyester, PVC-free and recyclable material.


We provide wood fabrications, poster printing, floor graphic sticker printing services, etc., with environmental friendly material.


Provide different variety of environmental friendly materials including PVC free, Waterbased adhesive, M1 flame retardant, ASTM 84E flame retardant and paper-based surface specifications.