Country: France
Customer website: Unilever
Category: Dry food
Solution: Flex Tray™
Year: 2015

Not only did the solution give good shelf visibility and increase product awareness among customers, it helped Unilever secure prime shelf space alongside Nespresso-compatible coffee capsule products.

To top it all off, Unilever enjoyed a positive increase in Lipton sales.

Unilever’s in-store tea pod launch – a success with help from Flex Tray™.

When the time came to launch a new product for its flagship tea brand Lipton, Unilever France knew they would need to make a big in-store impact.

Not only would they be launching a new product, they’d be entering into a new segment for tea. Lipton’s new Nespresso machine compatible tea pods would need to have good shelf visibility, and be displayed in a way that would make it easy for customers to understand what the new product was all about. They also hoped their merchandising solution would enable them to negotiate additional, well-located shelf space.

Unilever contacted us at HL Display to help them reach their objectives. After prototyping a few different solutions, we came up with a promising merchandising concept which we presented as a 3D rendering.

The winning solution was a combination of a Flex Tray™ with a standard front face, a shelf talker, and a thermoformed capsule clip. It was rolled out immediately in 500 stores.