How to automate your store

Shopper needs are evolvingHow retailers can enable better shopping experiences through shelf automation

We believe the future of retail is driven by sensorial experiences. For stores to have the resources to invest in a better shopping experience, they must turn to automation to save staff time.

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The shopping experience can be the reason to visit a store

To earn the shopper’s visit, stores must look to solutions that drive traffic and loyalty. Simply selling food and pantry items isn’t enough; the shopping experience is key to protecting the traditional retail store in a booming e-commerce environment.

From abundant fresh produce displays to superior food offerings, prepared foods and deli counters, only the physical store can deliver the sensorial experience that online shopping cannot.

Service, including expert advice or even cooking classes and supper clubs run by well-trained, knowledgeable service staff is the best way for grocers to directly connect with shoppers and deliver an outstanding experience. By building categories that create an experience and catering to evolving shopper missions, stores can drive footfall.

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