4eBin™ – The next generation in bulk merchandising

Caring about plastic waste issue

HL has installed our 4eBins™ and Scoop Bins for their range of dried food, confectionery, and coffee, as part of a bespoke solution– where the entire display was specially designed and constructed. The 4eBins™ are made from recycled plastic, and part of our Sustainable Choice range.

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Outselling packaged alternatives

If retailers and consumers joint forces to make a conscious effort towards offering and buying packaging-free products, it will be a win-win-win scenario – for the retailer, consumer, and environment.



M&S Press Release – March 2, 2020
M & S food sees rise in customer appetite for refill

M&S Press Release – December 4, 2020
M & S food expands plastic-free grocery refill concept to third store

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