Capture the food to go wave

Consumers might spend more time indoors, but convenience is still high up on their list of priorities when it comes to shopping groceries.

In recent years macro trends have shaped the way we shop: an increase in single households, urbanisation, longer working hours and commutes all contributed to consumers re-prioritising their time. Personal lifestyle choices gravitated towards out-of-home consumption, meal kits and delivery services – which enjoyed increased popularity, as it was the way to simplify daily life.

As a result, many shoppers minimised the time they spend on grocery shopping and started to replace the big weekly shop with several smaller missions throughout the week. Convenient and fast shopping experiences were no longer optional – they became essential.

Extensive on-the-go selection
To address the changing trend towards fast and convenient shopping experiences, grocery retailers experimented with store formats – introduced in-store cafés, delis, restaurants and expanded their offer of prepared meals. Assortments were populated with on-the-go selections such as pre-cut fruit, salads, sushi, smoothies, coffee drinks, breakfast items and even hot food catering to different needs throughout the day.

From a different perspective
However, the impact of health and hygiene concerns has left its mark on where, how and what consumers shop. Working from home has become increasingly common. More shoppers visit small stores located in nearby residential neighbourhoods, while shops near offices or city centres saw sales dwindle dramatically. Since many are still avoiding crowded indoor spaces, they favour ‘eating in’ over ‘eating out’. Also, some markets have seen the return of the weekly shop.

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